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Body massage studio "EGO STUDIO"


Without "intimate", "escort" and other "services"

Who do we need?
Premium body massage studiothe EGO STUDIO class needs a relaxation master


Your age is between 18 and 30

Girls aged 18 to 30, whose appearance would bring aesthetic pleasure.


Competent oral speech

Work as a craftsman is primarily communication with guests.


The desire to discover something new

Only one thing is required from you - DESIRE TO EARN.


Assistance to non-residents

Free accommodation.

What we offer

We work strictly without intimacy! Body massage studio class premium.


Flexible schedule.


High earnings from UAH 30,000. Believe me, we will do everything you would earn.


No experience? Let's learn! It is definitely impossible to start making spa programs without training! Therefore, we will teach everything for FREE!

We will teach you how to earn. All you need is sociability and the ability to find a common language with people. Study the details of the proposed vacancy and make sure that there is no better option!

Фронт автомобиля
Бутылка шампанского
Spa Pool


We offer to clarify all details by phone:
 +38 (096) 002 21 73
+38 (063) 161 81 67

  +38 (098) 008 26 95

Contact us in Telegram, Viber or Instagram, click the icon below and go to the chat

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